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Accu-Reader® A100

Revolutionizing iFOB Diagnostic Technology

The Hemosure® Accu-Reader® A100, in conjunction with the Hemosure® Accu-Reader® A100 FIT test cartridge and sample collection tube, is an automated in-vitro Fecal Occult Blood diagnostic system designed for hospitals and professional medical testing facilities for the rapid qualitative detection of human hemoglobin in stool sample – whose presence in human fecal samples is used as an indicator of gastrointestinal bleeding.




Fully Automated With Walk Away Functionality

The Accu-Reader is capable of functioning without the need for continuous human monitoring and supervision. Users can initiate its operations and then step away, allowing it to carry out tasks autonomously.

High Speed-01.png

High Speed - Up To 100 Samples Per Hour

This metric is often used to quantify the throughput or processing capacity of various machines, instruments, or testing procedures in fields such as laboratories, manufacturing, healthcare, and quality control.


Test Results Available Within 5 Minutes

The Accu-Reader is capable of accurately interpreting the results of the samples within 5 minutes of running the machine.


10 In. TFT LCD Touch Screen

The Accu-reader comes with a 10" LCD touchscreen to ensure easy navigation of the machine. The screen has high visibility making operation hassle-free for all users.


Laboratory Information System Integration Ready

LIS integration refers to the process of connecting and synchronizing a laboratory information system with other healthcare or laboratory systems and technologies to facilitate the seamless flow of data and information. 

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