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See Why Hemosure® Is Right For You

About Hemosure®

Hemosure is a trade name recognized worldwide in immunological fecal occult blood testing, also known as iFOB or FIT testing. Colorectal Cancer, when discovered in the early stages, is the most preventable and curable of all cancers. Routine CRC screening is extremely important, which is why Hemosure is dedicated and focused on educating physicians and patients on this subject. We at Hemosure are proud to manufacture and sell the fastest-growing immunological Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) and have established its place as an industry leader.

Hemosure prides itself in being simple to use both in the collection process as well as easy-to-understand instructions that Hemosure makes available in hard copy, as well as online in multiple languages along with detailed instructions.

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Why You Should Choose Hemosure

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Our products have been the number one choice for hundreds of doctors and medical professionals.



All products distributed have gone through intensive quality and craftmanship procedures for the most accurate results.



Our tests have been proven to be the most accurate and reliable in the market and can generate results in minutes.

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